Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Only a rooster can get a better piece of chicken than Jake's

Jake's "Pup in the Ruff" is a neighborhood institution. Particularly among the neighborhood institutionalized and glitterati. Like me, da IrishPirate.

Jake's is located at da NE corner of Sheridan and Montrose. Phone ahead for quick pick up. 773-728-1188. Family owned and operated. "Chicken Eaters paradise since 1959".

Their chicken is broasted and I have never had a better piece of chicken than Jake's. Not every time. Mostly it is above average, but every once in awhile God looks down upon me and puts a heavenly piece of bird in the bunch.

If you get the 4 piece special, under $7.00 with tax, you get 4 pieces of chicken, corn on da cob, freedom fries,(I mean french fries but I want to mock the "right wing)bread, butter, a moist towelette and cole slaw. YUMMY.

Jake's also has a fine selection of fish and meat selections to include, but not limited to: polish sausage, burgers, Italian beef, vienna beef hot doggies, and corn dogs. Add in the normal breakfast items, shakes, sundaes, and appetizers and you could eat there 3 times a day.

The customers are a true Uptown mix. Think Edward Hopper's "NightHawks" meets Uptown and takes a hit of LSD. If you are looking for a place to be reviewed in an imaginary Uptown "Check Please" this ain't it. It is a place to get good, reasonably priced and quick food. You can eat in, you can eat outside, or like me you can call ahead and pick it up.

In many ways Jake's seems to operate as a social gathering place for many of the people who live nearby who don't own condos or rent more expensive apartments. It is a glimpse of Uptown past and present. More importantly........da food is good.

The owner or his son seem to be there daily and the employees are mostly long term and know how to cook. It's a neighborhood institution. Check it out and tell them da pirate sent ya!


JP Paulus said...


Something we can agree on (for the most part).

i think Jake's actually has the BEST fried chicken on the North Side, and certainly the best price...

for many years, the 3 piece special was $4.99 including tax). It's gone up less than $0.50 last time i checked -- best deal in town.

Also, the hot dogs are a great deal too, and my wife loved getting ice cream from there.

It doesn't have quite the diversity the Uptown Snack Shop did, but it's a great place to eat. In recent years, they have added outdoor seating, so you can "positively loiter" (and keep an eye on the neighborhood) while enjoying food.

The people are friendly.

It's definitely a place to see a part of Uptown that isn't represented on Buena Park Neighbors message board.

IrishPirate said...

Well JP thank you for the not so subtle slap at the BPN board.

I figured you would find this blog eventually. After seeing your comments at Levois' blog and Gapers Block you are desperate for Uptown communication.

Try getting Uptown Baptist to open an outreach center in Rogers Park. That neighborhood has more problems or at least a higher volume of problems than Uptown.

That way you could comment on the neighborhood you live in.

As for the is good.