Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Defining Decency Down. A Spectacular Column

A great column by George Will.

He takes on political correctness involving a war documentary on PBS. He slams Roberto Gonzales, Mitt "I have no decency, yet I claim to be religious" Romney, the American public, William Brennan and more. To include those who reveled in the embarrassment of the teen beauty queen last week.

A truly great column. Here is a small sample:

And speaking of the tone-deaf, Alberto Gonzales could not even leave high office without advertising his unfitness for it. As he habitually has done, he reminded the nation that he has "lived the American Dream," which he evidently thinks is epitomized by his success in attaching himself to a politician not known for demanding quality in assistants. Gonzales then demonstrated how uncomprehending he is of essential American values. He said: "Even my worst days as attorney general have been better than my father's best days."

Well. His father married and had eight children—nine wonderful days, days even better, one would have thought, than any of the days his son spent floundering at the Justice Department. Furthermore, Gonzales's father had the fulfillment of a lifetime spent providing for his family. But what is any of that, Gonzales implies, compared with the satisfaction of occupying, however unsatisfactorily, a high office? This implicit disparagement of his father's life of responsibility and self-sufficiency turns conservatism inside out. It is going to take conservatism a while to recuperate from becoming associated with such people.

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