Wednesday, September 5, 2007

ImaGONNA run 4 Committeeman

After seeing what was posted at the Uptown Update I decided that ONLY I can save the Democratic Party in this ward.


Dear Helen: said...

I think you could win. You have tremendous name recognition, and enough personality to overcome all your drunken binges and liasons with prostitutes.

Sex scandals are all the rage now, anyway. Larry Craig, that Vitter guy, the evangelical homophobe from Colorado who had consentual gay sex, then claimed he was cured of his homosexuality.

Everybody's doing it.

It's Pirate Time!

IrishPirate said...

I don't do "liasons" with hookers.

I do them standing up in the alley. It is dirtier and more satisfying that way. Particularly if the alley has an EL train running overhead.

Levois said...

Oh man good luck IP. I wish I can vote for you!