Sunday, September 2, 2007

Partially amusing column on Marines

It seems soldiers/marines never really change.

From Ralph Peters.

September 2, 2007 -- IT was late and grease-sweat hot in Fallujah. In a sand bagged, black-hole-of-Calcutta room, a half-dozen off-duty Marines sat shirtless in the swelter, crowded around a laptop.

They were watching the film "Black Snake Moan." Chained to a bed, a nearly naked Christina Ricci writhed as if suffering from the worst case of pinworms in history. Whatever the film's cinematic shortcomings, it was a hit with the Marines, who debated in richly expressive language whether it would be wise to date such a girl, given the potential downsides.

There is of course more to the article and it AIN't about the movie.

Roger Ebert's take on the movie. Imagonna have to rent this one.

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