Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Those Wacky Repubs and their Sex Scandals

Now we have a former New Orleans hooker saying she had an affair with Senator Vitter back in the 90's. I dunno if that is true, but he certainly admitted to knowing other hookers.

Ya gotta luv Larry Flynt. Always hanging out near the assend of American life trying to expose the dark underbelly of the American Experience. Like me. Only richer.

This hooker is kinda attractive though. Not that I have ANY experience with hookers(BIG LIE), but I was wondering what her rates are. Does she post on Craigslist? Does she like wearing a wet, wool, oversized Irish fisherman's sweater during coitus? Can she make a realistic sheep sound? Does she find the word "coitus" ridiculous?

Just wondering.

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