Friday, November 23, 2007

Remembering Harold Washington: 20 Years Gone

WBEZ has a series of stories on the late Mayor. Those were interesting times. It would be nice if the current Mayor had the same sense of joy and laugh that "Harold" had. "How's Harold?" The man had a great laugh. The current occupant of the 5th floor has more of a sarcastic cackle that you seldom hear. When you do it normally means he has been challenged in some way and is making some snarky remark. The little King does NOT like to be questioned in any way. He shows little joy. What joy he shows resembles something Scrooge would take joy in. Like saving a penny and then stealing another from a child, while knocking the kid down. He would love that. Especially if the "child" is a columnist or a taxpayer.

He once said to a group of supporters, "In the old days, when you told people in other countries that you were from Chicago, they would say, 'Boom-boom! Rat-a-tat-tat!' Nowadays, they say [crowd joins with him], 'How's Harold?'!"

Earlier in the week "This American Life" on NPR also replayed and updated a ten year old episode they did on the Life of Harold Washington and the aftermath of his death.

I originally listened to the earlier version back in 1997. Levois covered the NPR piece in his blog last week.

So if you have some time click on the links, turn up your speakers, and listen to some stories about a man who knew the meaning of the word "joy".

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Levois said...

Thanks for this. I'm currently listening to it. It sounds great it brings back some memories. I should pull out the tapes I have of the day of his funeral.