Sunday, December 30, 2007

America has a clear-cut choice: the candidates of hope or fear

From Andy Sullivan and the Times of London. Read the whole thing or disappear until you redeem yourselves.

There are real and powerful reasons to fear right now. It is not crazy to want the reassurance of a former president back in the White House; it is not mysterious that retrenchment is a powerful sentiment in a world of terror and globalisation and mass immigration. Americans have to make a gut decision – whether Republican or Democrat. Should they take a risk or stick to what they know? Should they dare to be optimists or rely on the pessimism that these past few years has been a good guide to a darkening world?

After following this race for an almost interminable preamble, all I can say is that I can’t imagine a more constructive race than one between Obama and McCain. The odds are still against it. But it is more imaginable now than at any time in the past year.

And it reminds me of something. In Tel Aviv, a while back, a slogan began appearing on walls in graffiti. In the depths of the Arab-Israeli conflict, as optimism seemed like a delusion, it spread the way memes do. It’s a simple slogan and, as this new year beckons, worth holding on to, as a few Americans in a wintry state decide in which direction to take their country.

Know hope.

George Will on Obama

Read it or your eyelids will get a fungal infection.

By the way the Shelby Steele article Will refers to is here.

I of course referenced it weeks ago because I am a font of political links. Worship me!

Do I think Obama can heal the racial divisions in this nation.........hell no.

Do I think he can make a difference..........hell yes.

He's an interesting politician. Sometimes crabby. Sometimes brilliant. With a strong sense of self. That last part is the most important. The Presidency tends to amplify the worst aspects of someones personality and having a strong sense of self may mitigate that.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Michelle Obama Speaks

From Andrew Sullivan and his blog of hope.

She has the potential to be as transformational a First Lady as her husband would be a president. The opening for black America in particular is immeasurable. I know many of you think I've become a shill for the Obama campaign. So be it. I admit to a visceral response to the Clintons and their machine. But it isn't just visceral. It's a function of watching and following them very closely for many years. They have many, many qualities. They are both extremely talented. But they are also deeply flawed and would in my view, be terribly divisive for the country. I guess my elbows have been a little sharp with respect to Clinton. But I make no apology for throwing myself into this Clinton-Obama struggle. After these last few years, it seems to me to be an epic battle between fear and hope. I think we need more hope right now and less fear. We need fresh voices, not exhausted and bitter ones. We need to believe in America again. Clinton cannot do that. Obama can.

I'm not a Democrat or a Republican. You don't have to read this blog. And I don't have to write it. My emotions sometimes get the better of me. But if you are an Iowa Democrat, do yourself a favor and listen to Michelle Obama. Don't throw this chance away.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Ron Paul Doesn't Believe in Evolution

So much fucking crazy. Evolution is clearly fact. That doesn't mean we completely understand how it happened or happens and it doesn't preclude a Divine Being being the engineer of Evolution.

22 Minute Obama Iowa Speech

His closing speech as the day of reckoning approaches.

Do the forces of good defeat evil. Or does the Clinton dynasty continue....stay tuned.......same URL same pirate attitude.

No toons or stories today speak to me

So here is da Beatles talking about a long winter.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

4 Toons, 1 Thursday, and some snow flurries

Ed Gamble
Florida Times Union
Dec 27, 2007

Jimmy Margulies
The Record
Dec 27, 2007

Ed Gamble
Florida Times Union
Dec 27, 2007

Tim Eagan
The Press Democrat
Dec 27, 2007

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Video Bushism. I worship the man. He is a genius

or perhaps not.

Why McCain is no ordinary candidate

From the Boston Globe. Click and read or you will suffer indigestion.

He ain't perfect, but he strikes me as the best of the GOP candidates. That ain't saying much.

My fondest wish is for an Obama V McCain race in November 2008. Two good people running would be nice. They differ on many issues, but they are both about as genuine as political leaders can get and still be viable.

2 Toons, One Nation, One Sunny Day in Chicago

Time to go biking, before a blizzard hits.

Jim Morin
The Miami Herald
Dec 26, 2007

Monday, December 24, 2007

Red State Update XMAS with Mike Gravel

Thank God, you aren't spending it with Mike Gravel.

2 Tooooons make the Eve of XXXMAS Cut

Paul Combs
Tribune Media Services
Dec 24, 2007

Two men brave ice, slush and alcohol to walk the length of Halsted Street in one day.

From those glorious losers over at Gapers Block.

The story of two urbanites walking the entire length of Halsted in Chicago. From the rural like Riverdale Marina at 13000 South to the degenerate Boystown of 3800 North.

Kinda interesting story..........or else why would I post it on my blog.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Saturday, December 22, 2007

JibJab says goodbye to da year 2007

JibJab. Turn up your speakers and click.


Hands off Patrick "Fredo" Daley says Enraged Sun Times Reader(Audio)

The Sun Times now has a feature where readers can call in comments and they post it on their website with RealPlayer.

Listen to this one where a woman calls to gripe about the "poor son of "Mare Daley" on the front page when the poor kid is going to Afghanistan...and you put this on the front page about a secret deal....."

My response...........bite me, Maam. Bite down into my left buttcheek and taste the succulent juices of my taxpaying ass. Patrick Daley has no business getting involved in any city contract. It ain't a family business.

Da Mare's son making money from a secret city deal is news. He ain't a "kid" by the way. He is over 30 and has an MBA. He also seemingly has no problem making money off the taxpayers. That is one rotten apple that didn't fall far from the Bridgeport tree.

I grew up with guys like that only Fredo seems dumber and better connected.

Ze Worst XMAS campaign ad. Brought to U by Hillary Clinton and the Campaign of Doom

She just don't git it do she?

3 Toons make Saturday's cut. Bon Apetit!

Sandy Huffaker
Dec 22, 2007

J.R. Lane
Dec 22, 2007

Had Sex with a Right Wing Politician. Contact Larry Flynt

From Vanity Fair.

Oh Gawd, Larry is amusing. For a decrepit old pervert.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Family Guy XMAS album

"Holy crap here comes Jesus and he doesn't look too happy".

2 Toons and a prayer for a warmish Friday


Deliver us from Huckabee. Deliver us from people from Hope, Arkansas.

Deliver unto us a wise and just leader.

Deliver unto us not the leader we deserve, but a leader we need.


Steven Lait
Oakland Tribune/MediaNews
Dec 21, 2007

Robert Ariail
The State
Dec 21, 2007

Peggy Noonan Takes on HuckaBeeaChristian

Peggy Noonan. Read the whole thing or Jesus will hate you.

Mr. Huckabee reminds me of two governors who became president, Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Like Mr. Clinton, he is a natural, charming, bright and friendly. Yet one senses something unsavory there, something not so nice. Like Mr. Bush, his approach to politics seems, at bottom, highly emotional, marked by great spurts of feeling and mighty declarations as to what the Lord wants. The problem with this, and with Bushian compassionate conservatism, which seems to have an echo in Mr. Huckabee's Christianism, is that to the extent it is a philosophy, it is not a philosophy that allows debate. Because it comes down to "This is what God wants." This is not an opener of discussion but a squelcher of it. It doesn't expand the process, it frustrates it.

Mr. Huckabee is clever. He puts forth his policies, such as they are, based on a faith-based understanding of public policy, and if you disagree with his policies, or take a hard shot at them, or at him, he suggests the reason is that you look down on evangelicals. This creates a new fissure in a party already riven by fissures. He has been accused by some in the conservative press of tearing the party apart, but it was being torn apart before he got on the scene. His rise is not a cause of collapse but an expression of it.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Hillary Clinton Launches Anti Obama Sites

I wonder how much the Obama campaign is paying her advisers. You gotta wonder if Bill Clinton is trying to sabotage her chances.

From ABC news.

Da Daley Good and Da Daley Bad.

First the good. Daley says Hospital needs Heliport. He is right. Good for him.

Second da bad.
Daley's son, Patrick "Fredo" Daley was more involved in the company with the city contract than we were led to believe. I am shocked.

My earlier post on the whole Fredo Daley scandal.

Local Astronaut's Mom Dies While he is in Space

From the Sun Times.

His mom was killed in a train/car accident. What is amazing is that she spent time in an internment camp as a Japanese American during World War Two. Then her son grows up to fly in space, as an American.

She had 90 years and apparently led a good life. Good for her. Better for America.

I'm huge in Austria

People find this silly site from all over the globe.......and perhaps beyond!?

Read the comment.

See the profile.

I rock middle Europe! Just ask Chililady and of course check out her blogs.

Here is her primary blog. My Everyday Glamor.

Just tell her......arggggggggggggh

3 Toons. Only kidding Mr. Cheney. I respect you and your flexible view of Presidential Authority. Really I do.

Da first toon is from Da pain Comics. Da Pain.

Tim Eagan
The Press Democrat
Dec 20, 2007

Deb Milbrath
Dec 20, 2007

Obama V Rudy G XMAS ads

Well at least the little Fascist from NYC shows some sense of humor. Obama's ad wins though. Of course I am an ObamaManiac so take it for what it is worth.

Two different Rudy ads still don't make up for one Obamanator ad. Obama's kids are cuter. Where are Rudy's kids? Oh, I forgot. They hate him.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Repent! For da end is NIGH!

Britney Spears 16 year old sister is preggers with demon spawn!

Huckabee is leading the GOP race.

Hillary Clinton is trying to make over her image.


3 count em' 3 toons make Wednesday's cut

Nick Anderson
Houston Chronicle
Dec 19, 2007

The Gall of Clinton(Bill)

From Andrew Sullivan and the blog of doom.

Of course being the wife of an EX President trumps everything.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Daley sniffles over son's business deal. So do the taxpayers

From Tribune video.

My earlier post.

Support Hillary or Time and Space will Be Ripped Apart!

Mr Obama,

Have you lost your freaking Mind?

If you interfere with Hillary Clinton's destiny, you will tear apart the very fabric of time and space.........and that is something no American wants.

One Toon, for a warming up kinda Tuesday

Bob Gorrell
Creators Syndicate Inc.
Dec 18, 2007

Ron Paul: 'When fascism comes it will be wrapped in a flag and carrying a cross'...

This is one creepy fucking ad. Back to Arkansas and take your Cross with you.

Very Perceptive Column on Obama

From David Brooks at the NYTimes.

Read it all and bask in the brilliance I bring to you, both of my avid readers, on a daily basis.

What Bill Clinton said on “The Charlie Rose Show” is right: picking Obama is a roll of the dice. Sometimes he seems more concerned with process than results. But for Democrats, there’s a roll of the dice either way. The presidency is a bacterium. It finds the open wounds in the people who hold it. It infects them, and the resulting scandals infect the presidency and the country. The person with the fewest wounds usually does best in the White House, and is best for the country.

Andy Sullivan endorses Ron Paul

for the Republican nomination. I like Paul, but he kwazy.

My choice a Obama V. McCain battle. Two imperfect and decent people.

Read Sullivan's take if you choose to. If not, then eat my shorts.

It's perfectly reasonable to reject a candidate because of his religious views.

From the sick, twisted, and talented mind of Hitchens.

Read it all and bask in the evil. Sometimes the dark side is fun.

So, can we please have less of this deliberate misunderstanding of Article VI, which, if it goes much further, will actually seem to prevent or even to criminalize any criticism of theocratic candidates for high office. I ask you now, does it seem likely that any article of the U.S. Constitution was specially written so that you could not publicly and freely and fearlessly say that you would most decidedly not vote for:

* A candidate who followed the "Rev." Jim Jones to a Kool-Aid resort in Guyana (don't forget that this did actually happen)
* A candidate who said that the pope could excommunicate other American candidates with whom he disagreed
* A candidate who said that the above-mentioned pope was the Antichrist
* A candidate who said that L. Ron Hubbard was a visionary
* A candidate who said that Joseph Smith was a visionary
* A candidate who said that any holy book was scripturally inerrant
* A candidate who was a member of Hezbollah or the Muslim Brotherhood or the Nation of Islam
* A candidate who was a supporter or member of the Orange Order or the Ulster Unionist Party
* A candidate who was a supporter or member of Opus Dei or the Phalange Party
* A candidate who was a supporter or member of Lehi or the Jewish Defense League
* A candidate who was a member of the Aryan Nations, the KKK, or any other white Protestant "Christian Identity" faction
* A candidate who said that the Quran was dictated by the archangel Gabriel

The Jesus Record and endorsement

Monday, December 17, 2007

Funny Commercial from Thailand

Thailand? Is that a place I can buy some discount ties?

Nice story about a Vietnamese immigrant and his desire to become American

From the Burlington Free Press.

This guy was on the losing side in the Vietnam war and paid a heavy price. He eventually got his family to America. He eventually became an American citizen.

Read the whole thing and be thankful you live here and not in 100 other countries I could name. Assuming I had a list of countries in front of opposed to a frontal lobotomy.

I told ya a vote for Huckabee is like a vote for "Deliverance"

But did you listen, hell no.

Read this shit from Newsweek. His son "allegedly hung a dog".

Earlier post on the Huckabee family.

Like Hillary only one Toon is Worthy

I kid. I love Hillary Clinton and her cackle. Really I do. No, I mean it.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Only Opus is a worthy toon today.

Alderbeast Tunney Mugged(3rd Appearance on the Avenger)

You just can't keep a bad man down. This is the alderbeast's 3rd appearance in my non award winning blog. Tom Tunney I salute you.

First time, he was mad that the cops pulled him over for talking on a cellphone whilst driving around the hood. Amusingly, he voted for said law and intervened with the police commander to get his license back. All legal like of course.

Second time, he defended public sex at the "Bird Sanctuary" outside his ward. He said the cops have better things to do that to arrest or ticket people for getting freaky in public. I think I may head over to his office and have sex out front with numerous nubile females on a waterbed. Gotta find me a waterbed on wheels. Let's see if he or his staff call da police then. I think I will wait till it is warmer though. One word: SHRINKAGE.

Now he was the victim of an attempted mugging in the 3300 block of North Seminary at 1:30 PM yesterday. A group of five juveniles were held by police because of the incident. The Times that is Sunny has da story.

Perhaps they were just lost and were looking for directions to the bird sanctuary or a cellphone store. I don't know.

It is a fucked up thang when you can't even walk around Lakeview during the day without some scumbag kids trying to mug you. Maybe they were stressed out from lack of public sex.

Scumbag kids attempt to mug scumbag alderbeast. Who do you cheer for? The alderbeast I guess, but I don't like it. Maybe he will lay off criticism of the police for awhile. Just for a couple of days perhaps.

Alderman declines to "Pee on Mayors Family"

Alderbeast Toni Preckwinkle was quoted as saying the following in the Sun Times regarding the Mayor's son, Patrick Daley, and nephew, Robert Vanecko, having a secret city contract:

I think I'm going to avoid peeing on his family," said Ald. Toni Preckwinkle (4th).

"If this was one of his minions, I'd probably have some comment. But it's his kid, so I'll pass."

Luckily I just drank a gallon of Tang, the astronaut's favorite drink, and am all ready to whizz away.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

One More Toon before I walk the dogs.

From Jesus and Mo.

Bill Clinton has a hissy fit.


Ya just gotta read the whole thing. Marc Ambinder from the Atlantic Monthly.

Then go to Charlie Rose's website and wait to be able to view the interview. Should be up soon.

They may parse his body language. Toward the end of the interview, his hands began to shake and his face reddened as he discussed the political thicket his wife finds herself in.

Reminds me of "I did not have sex with that women,".....blah blah blah

I guess he feels hurt that someone who is clearly smarter than Hillary, certainly more personable, and has a superior "emotional IQ" and self knowledge/awareness is trouncing his wifey. Obama ain't perfect, but he is a whole hell of a lot better than Hillary Clinton. Barring the candidacy of Rudy Giuliani I can't see voting for her in almost any circumstance. Although Huckabee is clearly a nutjob.

Too fucking bad. Poor Bill. It ain't about him. It is about the American Republic.

Bill Clinton doesn't represent the worst aspects of America, but he certainly doesn't represent the best. He is intellect without discipline. Compassion withOUT conviction. A priapic narcissist of Cosmic proportion.

I should trademark that paragraph. It is a thing of beauty. Like me.


1. overly concerned with masculinity and male sexuality; "priapic episodes"; "priapic victories"
2. resembling or being a phallus; "a phallic symbol"; "phallic eroticism"; "priapic figurines" [syn: phallic]

This Saturday Only One Toon Rocks My World

Hillary wants her inevitably back and I wanna know what happened to my hairline and good looks.

Robert Ariail
The State
Dec 15, 2007

Friday, December 14, 2007


Found this over at the Capitol Fax Blog. Read it or your toes will fall off.

Clinton Supporter in Iowa Joins the OBAMA NATION

I wonder if Hillary will blame Bill after she gets trounced.

Great Collection of old Chicago Photos and More

Found this site at the blog of Lee Bey, the Urban Observer.

The site is from the Charles W. Cushman photographic collection at Indiana University.

Cushman did mucho traveling from the late 1930's to the 1960's and 1263 of his photos involve Sweet Home Chicago. The man was taking color pics in the 1930's. You likely ain't seen much like this. Click the link and have at it.

Most of his Chicago pics are of the larger Hyde Park area with some downtown. No Uptown pics. Some great pics of circuses and the zoos and people too.

It's Hillary Time. Gotta post this again.

This guy is good.

Vote for Hillary Online.

If he keeps mocking her he may find an Arkansas hit team outside his abode.

Watch for the McDonald's wrappers on your front lawn. It is a give away that you are being targeted.

The #1 resource for grassroots Hillary Clinton supporters. It's time to take back America and get it back under control. It's time to be proud to be an American again. It's time for Hillary Clinton.

What is Hillary's Best Attribute?






All of the above

Could Reagan get elected today? Can Hillary?

Peggy Noonan with an interesting take on politics. Read the whole thing and ponder the toilet bowl that American Politics may be.

What is happening in Iowa is no longer boring but big, and may prove huge.

The Republican race looks--at the moment--to be determined primarily by one thing, the question of religious faith. In my lifetime faith has been a significant issue in presidential politics, but not the sole determinative one. Is that changing? If it is, it is not progress.


This thought occurs that Hillary Clinton's entire campaign is, and always was, a Potemkin village, a giant head fake, a haughty facade hollow at the core. That she is disorganized on the ground in Iowa, taken aback by a challenge to her invincibility, that she doesn't actually have an A team, that her advisers have always been chosen more for proven loyalty than talent, that her supporters don't feel deep affection for her. That she's scrambling chaotically to catch up, with surrogates saying scuzzy things about Barack Obama and drug use, and her following up with apologies that will, as always, keep the story alive. That her guru-pollster, the almost universally disliked Mark Penn, has, according to Newsday, become the focus of charges that he has "mistakenly run Clinton as a de facto incumbent" and that the top officials on the campaign have never had a real understanding of Iowa.

This is true of Mrs. Clinton and her Iowa campaign: They thought it was a queenly procession, not a brawl. Now they're reduced to spinning the idea that expectations are on Mr. Obama, that he'd better win big or it's a loss. They've been reduced too to worrying about the weather. If there's a blizzard on caucus day, her supporters, who skew old, may not turn out. The defining picture of the caucuses may be a 78-year-old woman being dragged from her home by young volunteers in a tinted-window SUV.

3 Toons, 2 Traditional, 1 Animated. If you can give blood

Gordon Campbell
Inland Valley Bulletin
Dec 14, 2007

Savannah Morning News
Dec 14, 2007