Sunday, December 16, 2007

Alderbeast Tunney Mugged(3rd Appearance on the Avenger)

You just can't keep a bad man down. This is the alderbeast's 3rd appearance in my non award winning blog. Tom Tunney I salute you.

First time, he was mad that the cops pulled him over for talking on a cellphone whilst driving around the hood. Amusingly, he voted for said law and intervened with the police commander to get his license back. All legal like of course.

Second time, he defended public sex at the "Bird Sanctuary" outside his ward. He said the cops have better things to do that to arrest or ticket people for getting freaky in public. I think I may head over to his office and have sex out front with numerous nubile females on a waterbed. Gotta find me a waterbed on wheels. Let's see if he or his staff call da police then. I think I will wait till it is warmer though. One word: SHRINKAGE.

Now he was the victim of an attempted mugging in the 3300 block of North Seminary at 1:30 PM yesterday. A group of five juveniles were held by police because of the incident. The Times that is Sunny has da story.

Perhaps they were just lost and were looking for directions to the bird sanctuary or a cellphone store. I don't know.

It is a fucked up thang when you can't even walk around Lakeview during the day without some scumbag kids trying to mug you. Maybe they were stressed out from lack of public sex.

Scumbag kids attempt to mug scumbag alderbeast. Who do you cheer for? The alderbeast I guess, but I don't like it. Maybe he will lay off criticism of the police for awhile. Just for a couple of days perhaps.

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