Sunday, December 30, 2007

America has a clear-cut choice: the candidates of hope or fear

From Andy Sullivan and the Times of London. Read the whole thing or disappear until you redeem yourselves.

There are real and powerful reasons to fear right now. It is not crazy to want the reassurance of a former president back in the White House; it is not mysterious that retrenchment is a powerful sentiment in a world of terror and globalisation and mass immigration. Americans have to make a gut decision – whether Republican or Democrat. Should they take a risk or stick to what they know? Should they dare to be optimists or rely on the pessimism that these past few years has been a good guide to a darkening world?

After following this race for an almost interminable preamble, all I can say is that I can’t imagine a more constructive race than one between Obama and McCain. The odds are still against it. But it is more imaginable now than at any time in the past year.

And it reminds me of something. In Tel Aviv, a while back, a slogan began appearing on walls in graffiti. In the depths of the Arab-Israeli conflict, as optimism seemed like a delusion, it spread the way memes do. It’s a simple slogan and, as this new year beckons, worth holding on to, as a few Americans in a wintry state decide in which direction to take their country.

Know hope.

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