Saturday, December 15, 2007

Bill Clinton has a hissy fit.


Ya just gotta read the whole thing. Marc Ambinder from the Atlantic Monthly.

Then go to Charlie Rose's website and wait to be able to view the interview. Should be up soon.

They may parse his body language. Toward the end of the interview, his hands began to shake and his face reddened as he discussed the political thicket his wife finds herself in.

Reminds me of "I did not have sex with that women,".....blah blah blah

I guess he feels hurt that someone who is clearly smarter than Hillary, certainly more personable, and has a superior "emotional IQ" and self knowledge/awareness is trouncing his wifey. Obama ain't perfect, but he is a whole hell of a lot better than Hillary Clinton. Barring the candidacy of Rudy Giuliani I can't see voting for her in almost any circumstance. Although Huckabee is clearly a nutjob.

Too fucking bad. Poor Bill. It ain't about him. It is about the American Republic.

Bill Clinton doesn't represent the worst aspects of America, but he certainly doesn't represent the best. He is intellect without discipline. Compassion withOUT conviction. A priapic narcissist of Cosmic proportion.

I should trademark that paragraph. It is a thing of beauty. Like me.


1. overly concerned with masculinity and male sexuality; "priapic episodes"; "priapic victories"
2. resembling or being a phallus; "a phallic symbol"; "phallic eroticism"; "priapic figurines" [syn: phallic]

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