Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bishop Romney Speaketh with forked tongue

From Andrew Sullivan.

From a Mormon reader:

In short, one can not be a Bishop without understanding Mormon theology and how it differs from that of traditonal Christianity. In any given community, Bishop would be one of only a handful of LDS Church officers whose calling it is to speak the local press, local civic groups, etc. about Mormon theology and practice. No one else in the Church's lay clergy CAN officially speak for the LDS Church other than an area's Bishop and Stake President.

Romney is intentionally misleading the press by making it seem as if he is unqualified to discuss Mormon theology. Remember, besides being a Bishop, he served as a full-time Mormon missionary for two years. For two years, his full-time calling was specifically to teach Mormon theology to potential converts--not only explaining Mormon doctrine, but explaining how it differs from orthodox Christian doctrine. The LDS Church brags that young men come back from two year missions who a deeper understanding of their religion than that enjoyed by believers of other faiths. Is Romney the lone exception to this?

The fact is, Mitt Romney is probably one of the LDS Church's MOST qualified speakers on the subject.

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