Saturday, December 22, 2007

Hands off Patrick "Fredo" Daley says Enraged Sun Times Reader(Audio)

The Sun Times now has a feature where readers can call in comments and they post it on their website with RealPlayer.

Listen to this one where a woman calls to gripe about the "poor son of "Mare Daley" on the front page when the poor kid is going to Afghanistan...and you put this on the front page about a secret deal....."

My response...........bite me, Maam. Bite down into my left buttcheek and taste the succulent juices of my taxpaying ass. Patrick Daley has no business getting involved in any city contract. It ain't a family business.

Da Mare's son making money from a secret city deal is news. He ain't a "kid" by the way. He is over 30 and has an MBA. He also seemingly has no problem making money off the taxpayers. That is one rotten apple that didn't fall far from the Bridgeport tree.

I grew up with guys like that only Fredo seems dumber and better connected.

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