Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Why Hillary and Giuliani Both Suck Eggs

From that paragon of liberal thought the Union Leader.

About the only thing that could get me to vote for Hillary would be Rudy G running against her. He is a fascist in waiting. She is not quite that bad.

Giuliani wants power concentrated in whatever position he holds at the time, and Clinton wants the federal government to have vast powers to do good as she sees it. Not a happy choice for the voters in a free country.

Click on the link and read the whole thing and pray to whatever God you believe in that we get a better choice.


Levois said...

Ron Paul?

IrishPirate said...

I admire his strength of convictions but he takes it too far particularly when it comes to monetary policy. True believers are interesting but dangerous.

On social issues he is generally hands off. I saw a great interview he did where he was asked about drug use and he said the "drug war" has gone way too far when states legalize marijuana for sick or dying people and the feds prosecute them. He is right about that.

I'm glad he is in the race, but he has no chance of winning the GOP nomination.