Thursday, January 31, 2008

Captain America is Back.....................Jack

From the Yahoo of News.

Tremendous Toons for a Thursday

Signe Wilkinson
Philadelphia Daily News
Jan 31, 2008

Jake Fuller
Gainesville Sun
Jan 31, 2008

Gary Varvel
Indianapolis Star
Jan 31, 2008

Courier Publication Group
Jan 31, 2008

Randy Bish
Jan 31, 2008

Stephen Templeton
Flathead Beacon MT
Jan 31, 2008

Chuck Asay
Creators Syndicate Inc.
Jan 31, 2008

Chan Lowe
Jan 31, 2008

Rex Babin
Sacramento Bee
Jan 31, 2008

Jeff Darcy
The Plain Dealer
Jan 31, 2008

Bob Gorrell
Creators Syndicate Inc.
Jan 31, 2008

Planet F**cing Earth

Top Edwards Adviser Gets Quote of the Day

"But here's what ol' Mudcat had to say about that: "I'm going to do everything I can to make sure it's not Hillary Clinton." Saunders added: "Hillary Clinton has about as much chance of beating John McCain as this Scots-Irish hillbilly has of becoming pope."

From the post that claims to be of Washington.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Toons for a Wednesday that needs to freaking warm up

The seriously twisted comic below is from the creative genius behind The Pain.

Rob Tornoe
Politicker / Press of …
Jan 30, 2008

J.D. Crowe
Mobile Register
Jan 30, 2008

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

3 Toons, 1 Tuesday, Starts Warm Gets Cold

Jeff Darcy
The Plain Dealer
Jan 29, 2008

Le Droit
Jan 29, 2008

42 Minutes of Kennedy's Endorsing the Obamanator

Continuing with my earlier Monty Python post "My Nipples explode with delight" while I watch this.

I suspect that Ted Kennedy drove the stake into the heart of the Clinton campaign. Bill Clinton set the stake in place with his playing the race card. Fuck him. I never liked him. Back in 1992 I supported Paul Tsongas for the Dems.

As I said before Bill Clinton, and don't fool yourselves it is Bill Clinton who is the candidate, is compassion without conviction. Intellect without discipline. He is a human turd.

Monday, January 28, 2008

Monty Python's "Life of Brian": The Immaculate Edition

I remember seeing this film back in 19 hundred and seventy 9. Twenty and 9 years ago. Get the new DVD with all the extras. Deleted scenes. Commentary. A history of the making of the movie. Good stuff.

Classic. One of the funniest films ever made. The funniest that ever dealt with crucifixion.

The deleted scene featuring "Otto" is great. "Otto" is a Jewish proto fascist and a great insult to fascists everywhere and his suicide squad is amusing. It was too over the top even for Python. See the idiots in the British Morals movement try to ban the movie.

This film mocks those who believe without thinking. The character Jesus appears twice and arguably those are the only reverent moments in this great film.

Gotta love the Pythons.

Here is a great scene:

[a line of prisoners files past a jailer]
Coordinator: Crucifixion?
Prisoner: Yes.
Coordinator: Good. Out of the door, line on the left, one cross each.
[Next prisoner]
Coordinator: Crucifixion?
Mr. Cheeky: Er, no, freedom actually.
Coordinator: What?
Mr. Cheeky: Yeah, they said I hadn't done anything and I could go and live on an island somewhere.
Coordinator: Oh I say, that's very nice. Well, off you go then.
Mr. Cheeky: No, I'm just pulling your leg, it's crucifixion really.
Coordinator: [laughing] Oh yes, very good. Well...
Mr. Cheeky: Yes I know, out of the door, one cross each, line on the left.

Now watch the end scene of the movie and remember: Always look on the bright side of life.

Obama Owes JFK

This is some interesting shit. Really. I hope it ain't shit. Sounds true. Now if Hillary said something like this I would call it shit. Just like she said she was named after Sir Edmund Hillary, who first climbed to the peak of Mt. Everest.

Only problem, that Hillary didn't do it to a few years after Park Ridge Hillary was born.

Here is the interesting non shit. Found it here at the blog of Marc Ambinder.

Check out this kicker to today's endorsement thank-you for Ted Kennedy. Mr. Obama is referring to his father.

“I barely knew him, but when, after his death, I finally took my first trip to his tiny village in Kenya and asked my grandmother if there was anything left from him, she opened a trunk and took out a stack of letters, which she handed to me.

There were more than thirty of them, all handwritten by my father, all addressed to colleges and universities across America, all filled with the hope of a young man who dreamed of more for his life. And his prayer was answered when he was brought over to study in this country.

But what I learned much later is that part of what made it possible for him to come here was an effort by the young Senator from Massachusetts at the time, John F. Kennedy, and by a grant from the Kennedy Foundation to help Kenyan students pay for travel. So it is partly because of their generosity that my father came to this country, and because he did, I stand before you today – inspired by America’s past, filled with hope for America’s future, and determined to do my part in writing our next great chapter.”


This is funny.

Hillary and Cruise

This is some amusing and enlightening shit.

2 Toons for a Monday where Teddy Kennedy Speaks

Randy Bish
Jan 28, 2008

Rob Tornoe
Politicker / Press of …
Jan 28, 2008

Sunday, January 27, 2008

Obamanator Victory Speech

It can't be fun to be Bill Clinton right about now.

Perhaps the politics of racial divide that he is trying to fan will work for his wife. Only time will tell. It didn't help in South Carolina. Actually Edwards got the highest percentage of the melanin challenged vote.

Toons for a Sunday to Bask in the Victory of the Obamanator

J.R. Lane
Jan 27, 2008

Robert Ariail
The State
Jan 27, 2008

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Great Story on Blago from Chicago Magazine

Found the link at the Capital Fax.

Blago at Chicago Magazine. Mr Unpopularity.

Read it or Blago will jog through your dreams naked.

I have seen him jogging by the way. Not a pretty site.

2 Toons. 1 Theme.

Tim Jackson
Chicago Defender, Madison …
Jan 24, 2008

Rob Rogers
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Jan 24, 2008

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Bill Clintons Explains why he needs to be Prez again

From the Onion. Read it or terrorist mice will eat your shoes.

Al Gore on Gay Rights

When you ain't running for office you can tell the truth.

2 Videos. 1 Rudy G. 1 Commentary on the Confederate Flag

The Confederate Flag one makes a good point. It is hard to score with black women if you have the flag displayed in your mom's basement.

Toons for a cold Wednesday

Joel Pett
Lexington Herald-Leader
Jan 23, 2008

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Tuesday Toons Before I Shovel Da Snow

David Horsey
Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Jan 22, 2008

Ed Gamble
Florida Times Union
Jan 22, 2008

Rob Tornoe
Politicker / Press of …
Jan 22, 2008

Rob Tornoe
Politicker / Press of …
Jan 22, 2008

John Branch
San Antonio Express News
Jan 22, 2008

Monday, January 21, 2008

2 Toons for a Snowy? Monday

John R. Rose
Byrd Newspapers of Virginia
Jan 21, 2008

Tim Jackson
Chicago Defender, Madison …
Jan 21, 2008

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Friday, January 18, 2008

The Civil War in 4 minutes

Found this at the website of internet freedom fighter Andrew Sullivan. Find the link on this page or suffer.

By the way Huckabee is defending the Confederate Flag in the Carolina's. Not much commentary on dat! I guess that is a Christian value.

Pastor Huckabee for Prez

From the Wall Street Journal. Shunning is back in some evangelical Churches.

I guess they forgot about that whole throwing the first stone thang.

What is HuckabeeaChristian's position on this?

Inquiring sinners want to know.

Mitt Romney Finds Gilligans Island

Found this at the website of one Andrew Sullivan.........which is linked on this mess of a page somewhere.

Holy Constitution Batman! Is Huckabee a nutjob?

Yea, purdy much.

Read this story from Slate and then pray to whatever Deity you believe in that Huckabee is hit by a large meteorite. Sent by said Deity of course.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

4 Toons, 1 for GOP sluts

The third toon comes from the sick and twisted mind of the Pain Comics.

Jake Fuller
Gainesville Sun
Jan 17, 2008

Video Slideshow of Black Chicago 1946-48

Ran across this on Slate Dot com.

Good stuff and good music.