Saturday, August 9, 2008

1 toon and Edwards Commentary

Who knew John Edwards was a risk taking priapic narcissist of cosmic proportions?

Oooops, I kinda thought so.

When it comes to sex men do stupid stuff. Particularly men who clearly love themselves as much as Edwards does. U want names? Clinton, Hyde, Gingrich, need I continue............

Seriously I try not to take sex too seriously. This should be between Edwards and his wife. She likely only has a few years left of life and she has to add this being public to her troubles? Shit.

What is really infuriating is that asswipe ran for Prez knowing this was out there. What if he had gotten the nomination? His sense of self is apparently larger than his common sense.


Levois said...

Are you suggesting that he shouldn't have ran for president or at least have been honest about this?

IrishPirate said...

Personally I could care less that he had sex with a woman not his wife. Although, with his money I would hope he could have "done" someone less sleazy and more attractive.

What bothers me is the narcissism of it all. If he had won the nomination and this came out the democratic party would be in turmoil. Americans are not realistic about S E X. Something like this being so recent and so blatant would kill a candidacy. People would not vote for him and then go out and try to feel up their minister's wife.

Compared to John McCain who left his sick first wife for his rich second wife while still married this ain't shit. Compared to Newt Gingrich who asked his cancer ridden wife to sign divorce papers immediately after she had surgery this ain't shit. The problem is his arrogance could have cost the democrats the White House.

John McCain is a little too in love with the idea of military force as an "end all" for my comfort.