Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Aldercreature Shiller turns down pay increase

From the Sun of Times:

Meanwhile, all but six of Chicago's 50 aldermen plan to accept a 6.2 percent cost-of-living increase that will boost their annual salaries to $110,556 Jan. 1.

Aldermen John Pope (10th); James Balcer (11th); Scott Waguespack (32nd); Tom Tunney (44th); Helen Shiller (46th), and Mary Ann Smith (48th) are the only aldermen to sign affidavits by a Sept. 15 deadline declaring their intention to forfeit the increase.

I have to salute Helen for a politically astute move. She sees she is vulnerable in the next election and makes a correct and politically correct move. Perhaps she is even genuine in her concern. Perhaps it is to keep Mayor Daley happy. Perhaps she is only concerned about her political future. Perhaps some combination of all three.

All that being said I'm still going to mock her mercilessly. No comfy pillow for me. Nope. I make the Spanish Inquisition look like a child's tea party.

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