Sunday, September 13, 2009

Great Man Dies

Read and listen to how one man helped saved a BILLION lives.



Nadmenny Millicent said...

Great video

Nadmenny Millicent said...

I watched it again. I hate greenpeace and Illinois Nazis

IrishPirate said...

Well we all hate Illinois Nazis.

I remember the loathsome critters back in the 70's down on da SW side.

Real group of assholes.

As for Greenpeace they are like any other group of zealots. Assholes.

Their opposites in the Christian Right who claim we shouldn't worry at all about "mother nature" because the Rapture is coming are just as bad.

Assholes to the left of me, Assholes to the right of me, into the valley of death road the gallant pirate on his trusty sheep Bessie.

Nadmenny Millicent said...

Hey Irish I have not checked this site for awhile and I'm sure I have missing some good stuff. I will not let that happen again. I liked the video so much I posted it on my site as well.

Keep it up!

I didn't forget you were the first person to post a comment on my site. It's changed allot since then. If you haven't checked it out in awile please do.

IrishPirate said...


I just perused your blog.

You're a right wing wacko.

Dat's ok.

I'm a moderate wacko.

The first amendment allows wackos of all stripes.

Nadmenny Millicent said...

I'm more of a Libertarian.
Pro abortion.
Not religious at all.

JohnGalt1984, now that's another story. He is a die-hard republican