Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Battle for the 46th Ward $$$$$$

There is a great deal of confusion about the amount of money being raised by our two candidates for Alderman in the 46th Ward.

I decided to add some numbers up from the State Campaign Website and see where we stand. Feel free to play around with the site yourselves if you wish.

In coming up with the following numbers I eliminated any donations or loans from the candidates or their family members. I also rounded numbers to reach numbers in 1000 dollar increments. For example if it was $5250 it became $5000.

I also combined donations so that if one individual gave five $1000 donations I count that as one $5000 donation.

I only looked at donations since January 2010 as Candidate Cappleman ran in 2007.

Also some smaller donations are not required to be posted on the state website.

Donations from Individuals in the 46th Ward:

Cappleman has 56 Donations adding up to approximately $38,000.
The average donation is $679.

Phelan has 34 Donations adding up to approximately $27,000.
The average donation is $765.

Donations from businesses in the 46th Ward:

Cappleman has 4 donations adding up to approximately $2000.
The average donation is $500.

Phelan has 11 donations adding up to approximately $10,000.
The average donation is $909. This number is heavily skewed by the "In Kind" donation from the Kit Kat Club of $5000.

Outside the ward:

Cappleman has raised $22,000.

Phelan has raised $177,000

In total, not counting self or family donations:

Cappleman has raised $62,000

Phelan has raised $214,000

I didn't break down the absolute number of outside the ward donations. Just the total in dollars.

Simply put in the ward Cappleman has more individual donors than Phelan and has raised slightly more money.

Outside the ward Phelan is raising money at a ratio of more than 8 to 1 in her favor.

Hell just her top five donors nearly match all of Cappleman's donations.

Chamber of Commerce---$25,000

Alderman Reilly--- $13,000

David Herro------- $ 9,000

Richard Melman----- $ 7,000


I will not make any editorial comments on this post.

I am also a Cappleman supporter so take that into account as you read these numbers.

If you feel the numbers above are significantly wrong please get out your printer, red pen, abacus, and six pack of Guinness and start adding it up yourselves.

It's about two hours worth of work.

Update 16 March

A commenter below came up with a different lesser number. Actually two lesser numbers. See comment for additional details. Also today an additional $8000 in donations showed up on the state campaign website for the Phelan campaign.

Update 22 March

The Phelan campaign submitted a letter to the state showing $17,000 in duplicate donations shown on the state website. So factor that into the numbers you see above. They all apparently came from outside the ward so subtract them from the above numbers if you wish.

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Buena Parker said...

I would not dare to question your math, and I truly appreciate your work on this. I also spent a day or so going through all of Molly's D-2's and A-1's and don't get nearly the figure you do for Phelan.

There are many duplicate donations contained in the forms (original, amended, and sent in duplicate) that Phelan has submitted to the state board - when I eliminate the duplications (easy to spot by date, donor name(s) and amount of donation) on the various forms, I come up with a total of about $144,000 - another pal went through these and got $160,000 (I am including in these figures all Phelan family and personal contributions & loans) as of yesterday. Any amount is too much in my mind, but I just can't get to your $200,000 + figure... Thanks for your help!