Monday, October 24, 2011

Take Money, A Whole Lot of Spending Money..Say ONE MILLION dollars

to do to do to do it right, child.........I got my mind set on you.

Take it away George Harrison.

My coke dealer just got out of County yesterday and consequently I'm feeling rather perky today.

I decided to do a quick summary of the cash that was spent running for 46th Ward Aldermen earlier this year.

I got the numbers I am using from the state campaign disclosure website. If you have no life like me and are tweaking out feel free to run the numbers for yourself.

In coming up with these numbers I used actual expenses documented by the various campaigns and in kind contributions. An "in kind contribution" could be free office rental, phone services, food, internet design etc. I tried to subtract any "loan repayments" the various campaigns may have made.

These numbers are not exact and are not meant to be definitive. They provide an approximate glimpse into how much money was spent by the various campaigns. I'm sure I missed a few things that I wouldn't if I were sober and being paid to do this.




DON NOWOTNY $148,000








That adds up to $936,000. Add in whatever the last three candidates spent, they likely didn't file campaign reports because their campaign spending was under the limit, and what outside interests spent and we're likely talking damn near a million dollar campaign.

Various unions, business interests and political interest groups spent money on behalf of some of the candidates. I don't know if it's possible to track that and my coke high is wearing off so thppppt.

The Cappleman campaign has about $50,000 in debt, most to JC himself, and the Phelan campaign has $5,000 in debt to Molly herself.

Since the election Cappleman's fundraising has continued and in the last reported quarter he raised $38,000. Mostly from various unions and business interest groups. Interestingly, Alderman Brendan Reilly who supported Molly Phelan to the tune of about 17-18 grand gave $1500 to Cappleman. If Brendan donates another ten grand to Cappleman I promise not to move to his ward after the redistricting.

I was thinking if the citizens of that ward want to elect a pudgy, balding fat Irish guy I should give them another choice and run myself. Reilly has $656,000 in his campaign fund. It's good to be alderman in the downtown area. I could use that kind of money for hookers and cocaine. Hmmmmmm. I'd have to call it a "fundraising expense".

In terms of money it's good to be alderman downtown. In terms of my life expectancy it's best I stay out of elected office and in Uptown.

I can see the headline now:

Alderman Found Dead Under Pile of Hookers and Cocaine. Safe found with four million dollars found hidden behind Spiro Agnew poster on wall.